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"So Shiniiiiiing". This is an on going project one the most recent

Here are a coulpe of contribution to the "Hella vision" shows both made very quickly and cutting all the possible corners to deliver on time

most of awards.jpg

Tadpole: my graduation project for my illustration BA. The idea of this animation orbits around a simple concept: we are not able to see our true selves from inside ourselves; therefore the image we have of ourselves can often be different from reality. The protagonist of this story  finds himself in a surreal daydream which becomes an introspective journey where he is haunted by the distorted perception of himself

Music video commissioned by the band WEB.

This was a very fun and interesting project. The band gave me 100% artistic freedom, I was given only the instrumental of the track and, as the video hasn't been published yet and the actual lyric of the song is still on mastering  I still don't know what the song is about! If interested to watch it please email me I'll send you the link 😎

Music video commission for the singer MEREU.

This project was very fun. The story of the song takes place in Rome my hometown so it reflects aspects of the song narrative as well as my personal memories. 

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